This blog was born many years ago…


…out of a deep need to share what I learned about the world in the process of studying, traveling, and building my career. I started the blog as a sophomore student in 2006. I used to write in Polish back then, and I only moved to English in 2015.

I always had a deep interest both in people and in technological innovation. This is also why I chose to pursue a PhD in Computational Neuroscience (graduated in 2020). Today, I’m focused on learning about the job market and helping professionals in finding the right career tracks — which the scope of this blog reflects. I still have a broad interest in people and technological progress though!

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My professional activities

A company oriented at helping researchers and other highly educated professionals in building careers in the open job market. PhD is a quality stamp!—PhDs have all it takes to rock industry jobs industry. It’s a matter of developing the right mindset and learning which door to knock at.

In our intensive career transition workshops for industry professionals and PhDs, we combine knowledge about jobs in industry with self-discovery exercise. At our courses, you will learn about different tribes in the job market, and how to recognize where you should go next. We will also actively help you in applying for jobs: we will create a personal job-search strategy for you, and keep in touch wit you after the course.

One of the initiatives I run within Welcome Solutions, is a little YouTube channel dedicated to career development, post-PhD careers, and to self-development in general. In this channel, we post career advice, talk with with career experts, and people with interesting career paths who share their stories and life lessons with us.

Invite the speakers for our channel by yourself! You can find all the information here: https://ontologyofvalue.com/career-talks/

Ontology of Value YouTube channel where we post the episodes:

This new aptitude test I’ve created in my company, is a scientifically informed tool that helps professionals and students in self-navigating in the job market.

Would you like to discover what your natural way of creating value for other people is, and in which roles you would thrive?

Would you like to find out today which working environment would fit you best? In which tribe in the job market would you be most appreciated?

You don’t need to learn this over the years by trial and error – you can find out today!


My latest baby, the book entitled:

What Is out There For Me? The Landscape of Post-PhD Career Tracks

is out on Amazon! I have put a lot of heart into this book. The purpose of this book is to give you an overview of what you are capable (and might not even think of!) after completing a PhD, and a vista of directions you might consider to develop a happy, fulfilling professional life. It explores not only the scope of high-level employment in which PhDs usually excel, but also provides broad descriptions of the tribes that have formed in the job market and their characteristic behaviors.

The book is now available as Kindle ebook, paperback, and PDF. Enjoy—and please leave your review if you enjoy this content and feel that it helped you career-wise!

My second book entitled:

The Longest Journey: On The Odyssey Through the Job Market and How To Navigate Towards Your Dream Career”

is coming up in a few months! The book touches topics such as:

  • How is the job market structured and why did it evolve this way?
  • For what reasons do most people change jobs these days? What are the good strategies?
  • What are the tribes in the job market? How do they work and how to recognize where you belong?
  • How do people who self-navigate well think and make decisions?
  • How to make sure that you develop your potential to the fullest?
  • How to stay on top of the job market?
  • How to stay forever young on your mind?

In my free time, I play the role of an informal advisory board member for my friends’ businesses. If you have some interesting business idea that you’d like to discuss, or if you have an existing business which you would like to brainstorm about, contact me! 🙂

An independent non-profit organization with ANBI status that offers good quality career advice to early career researchers. We have a top-notch panel of advisors, and you can ask your questions any time!