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the longest journey

The Longest Journey: The Evolution of the Job Market in Times of AI

The sentiment around AI is mixed both in the society and among tech experts. ​Indeed, we are at a point of singularity where another species starts surpassing us in many of cognitive skills traditionally seen as uniquely human. So, what’s the future and is it even possible to make an educated guess? ​Is Universal Basic Income a utopia, or, is it inevitable?And most importantly, can we find Pascal’s wager? In other words, is there any strategy to better our chances in the job market that will benefit us regardless of which scenario pans out?

Tips and Tricks on Networking in San Francisco

If You Are Going To San Francisco… My 25 Tips and Tricks on Networking in the City

Every new environment is yet another chance, but also test for your networking skills. After coming to San Francisco, I soon realized that this was not yet just another city, but rather, a magic, layered place that unfolds like an onion — ugly on the outside, but beautiful on the inside. In this article, I list 22 networking lessons learned in the past two months spent in San Francisco. Overall, my personal strategy could be described in short as: everything, everywhere, all at once. An award-winning approach.

why amsterdam

Why Amsterdam?

During the pandemic, I used to think about my ideal future life a lot and I developed a vision of living in a communal setting away from the big city life. Now, I started wondering: is that what’s best for me? Perhaps what I would need is the exact opposite: a peaceful place in the middle of a big city? And then, my thoughts circled back to Amsterdam. I could list tons of reasons why Amsterdam is THE place to place my center of life. In this article, I name just a few of them.

How To Get Write Applications To Top Startup Accelerators Y Combinator

How To Write Successful Applications For the Top Startup Accelerators? On the Example of Y Combinator

Admission to the Y Combinator acceleration program is the dream for thousands of founders of Software-as-a-Service platforms worldwide. And for a good reason: this iconic accelerator not only offers attractive seed investment for your company, but also secures top-notch mentoring. But how to successfully apply? to approach this question, I analyzed a repo of 32 successful YC applications openly available online. Here, I introduce my conclusions.

business verkeerd koffie verkeerd

Business Verkeerd (Grow Slow)

In the Netherlands, one of the most popular types of coffee is “coffee verkeerd,” which translates to “coffee the wrong way.” Whenever I order it, I smile as it reminds me how I do business. Namely, turning many of the rules I was taught upside down and inside out, and doing things my own way.
In this article, I will list some of my personal rules and outlook on the business that might be viewed as nonorthodox. If you share any of them, or just disagree, please let me know!

How To Work With Subcontractors

The Key To Success as a Solopreneur and Bootstrapper: How To Work With Subcontractors?

It is essential for any little bootstrapping business to get the best people for your project and keep them around. I believe that now after the corona crisis, project-based work with subcontractors will become much more common than before. And, I don’t hold my recipe for dealing with subcontractors a secret at all. In this article, I list my 10 golden rules working with subcontractors.

hard work makes me high natalia bielczyk

Hard Work Makes Me High

I have always worked hard since I was 6 or 7 years old, and I can tell you: life of a person who genuinely enjoys working is much harder than you might think.It always bugs me how people tend to judge you depending on how you spend your time. There are so many stereotypes floating around! In this article, I talk about my love for hard work and why I believe people should be more tolerant toward others when it comes to working patterns.

the piano and paradox on authenticity

The Piano

Here is my definition of a talent:  When you are happy, you feel compelled to do it. When you are sad, you feel compelled to do it. That’s what writing is to me. 
It’s like playing piano. 
You can play energico — with energy, enthusiasm, and zest. Or, you can play grave — solemn and contemplative.
 Both beautiful. Today, I will play it grave.