On Peace of Mind

May 21st, 2014


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  • The dating culture in the Netherlands is refreshing and focuses on intellectual connections rather than physical appearance, boosting my confidence and making me feel valued for my intellect.
  • I have made significant progress in improving my physical stamina and health, evident from completing a 52 km walk with ease. Engaging in various activities such as hiking, jogging, and mountaineering has strengthened my body and given me a sense of empowerment.
  • My level of happiness has increased, and I have learned to appreciate the positive aspects of my living situation, even in a less luxurious house. Adopting a positive mindset and focusing on the advantages, such as a sunny room, convenient location, and the freedom to pursue personal and professional goals, has contributed to my overall contentment and outlook on life.

The Way People Date in the Netherlands and How It Affects Me.

Living in the Netherlands is good, especially when it’s sunny outdoors. Then you can spend your Sundays wandering around — and the Dutch countryside is truly beautiful. 

I must also say that the life of a single person does not feel too bad either. The dating style is really soft and gentle. Men invite you for a coffee, and then they keep telling you how talented you are and how much in common you have. This is the way to go in this country — that when someone  keeps an eye on you and wants to be nice, he does not refer to your looks at all, but to your intellect. 

I enjoy this attitude. You do not become prettier from repeating that you are pretty, but you become smarter from repeating that you are smart. That’s how human confidence works.

I actually feel the difference. Somehow, I slowly unblock day by day, and I have the impression that I think clearer and clearer. It feels much better than a year or two ago.

My Progress With Building Stamina and Health.

I also gained some physical strength. I recently walked 52 km with a smile on my face, walking an average of 7 kilometers per hour. This is strange, especially considering that a year ago I trained with the Donders team to 4daagse. After a 44 km walk that took 11 hours, I was so tired that I dragged myself to bed and spent the next two days under the blanket. 

What a progress! I almost don’t recognize myself. Apparently, the Kilimanjaro hike, daily jogging sessions, aerobics, the mountaineering course, and lonely walks in the Andes strengthened my body a bit. I felt as if I could literally do anything with my life. 

I remember reading the famous Tony Robbins’ book, “Awaken the Giant Within.” Tony wrote that it is worth having your hierarchy of values on your mind, and that health is at the head of his own hierarchy of values. I think that I agree with it: as long as you are healthy, you can achieve anything.

On The Feeling of Happiness.

In addition, I feel that my level of the most important aspect of human existence, that is, the feeling of happiness, also went higher. I noticed this recently, when my housemates started to complain about our living conditions. 

I live in an old house now, which is far from luxurious. The kitchen and bathroom are truly obscure, but I am not complaining at all. I have a large and sunny room, which is cozy and colorful, also due to my own actions. I pay very little for it and am very close to campus.

So, I do not need to commute at all, I have a good Internet connection and de facto I have nothing to complain about… Even though the kitchen and bathroom are on a different floor, the house is constructed in a nonsensical way and so on.

The funny thing is that all my roommates who think that the living conditions are not good enough in the house, and who complain the most, are all from third world countries: Eritrea, Pakistan, and Iran. 

I didn’t even notice when it all happened, namely when I turned from eternal grumbling to a cheerful person. And although there are still difficulties — because there are always some — I approach the issues differently. I just try to look at the bright side. 

For example, I just realized that because I am alone right now, I have a much better chance of learning new stuff and going places than the people around me, especially all the married women who are in the lab.

As it turns out, almost all of them do not consider the possibility of leaving the Netherlands, which means that career development in academia becomes difficult for them… Well, as a free bird, I can do anything with my life. It feels so cool! 

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