Time Flies… On The Passage of Time

June 25th, 2014


This text was fully written by humans.

  • Time seems to fly by when they are enjoying life, but I feel a sense of being stuck despite having many adventures and positive experiences.
  • In this article, I express my worries about the fleeting nature of life and the feeling of living only for personal pleasure.
  • I also review a time management workshop I recently attended and my lessons from this meeting.

Time Flies… When You Have a Good Time.

The sense of time … When you’re at a party and have a good time, time flies much faster. Maybe that’s my problem — I do what I enjoy in life, I have nice people around me, I enjoy good weather, I’m in good shape, and I don’t have any particular problems. And every time I look at my watch, I realize that a month or two has passed again, and I don’t even know when. 

Since I got into neuroscience — which is less than three years ago — an incredible amount of adventures have happened. I have a lot of good memories, which I can even see in the mirror as I look and feel much better than before I came here. But the scary thing is, this time passed as if it was one day.

It’s been almost four months since I came back from South America. Even though I’ve learned a lot during that time, met a lot of people, got licensed to do animal experiments, and visited a lot of parties, I still feel that it’s not enough and that I am stuck in a way. 

But maybe that’s the price of doing what you like in life. I was not so lucky in the past, and time dragged on mercilessly … And now, for a change, it goes forward like a training full swing. 

Overwhelmed By How Fast Time Flies — And No Solutions Just Yet!

Yesterday I had a small breakdown on this occasion. I was overwhelmed by the thought that life is fun and is about to end one day. Firstly, it is bad that this merry-go-round is about to inevitably end. Secondly, it is a hopeless feeling that you live only for your own pleasure. Both are dragging me down as hell… 

The worst part is that Google didn’t help this time. Usually, when I have a difficult problem, it turns out that a lot of people somewhere in the world have already found a solution to a problem similar to mine. 

For example, my eyelid started flying recently. I was worried about it because I thought it was coming from accumulated stress (even though I was not stressed too much at the time). I was worried that it might not be possible to fix this problem. 

Then, I started googling intensely and it quickly turned out that it was a nonsensical worry — I just lack magnesium, and the magnesium tablets did the job. 

But this time around, when I started googling, I only got scared even more. It turned out that on the Internet people generally have a greater sense of time running with age. And, there is not much that can be done about it. 

The Workshop On Time Management.

I recently attended a workshop on Time management dedicated to PhD candidates here at Radboud. It didn’t solve the problem of time passing by way too quickly… 

But at least, I learned that there are two types of people in terms of the way they work and deal with time passing by. 

Namely, some people are types of a craftsman: systematic, working regularly (for instance the classic “9 to 5”), and taking things slowly, step by step every day. Let’s call these people “type A.”

Others are much more creative, chaotic, and irregular. They usually only get self-disciplined before the deadline. Let’s call these people “type B.”

The Uplifting Conclusions.

I thought I was an exception, or an outlier, here. It turns out that I belong to half the population that mobilizes to work and accelerates under stress. And, in addition, such people have an advantage in the long run, because they can operate in greater chaos and do not get depressed under stress — even quite the opposite. 

This piece of information cheered me up. So far, I thought that since, in most workplaces, the work week is adjusted to “people of type A,” this is the only correct way to work and any other way is undesirable. And yet, it’s not true! 

Maybe this piece of information will comfort those who, like me, feel weird when they jump on exciting projects like maniacs, pull off all-nighters, and then spend some time a limbo resting before the next frantic marathon at work.

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