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House Doesn’t Mean Home How My Travels and Self-Development Experiments Influenced Me and My Thinking About Life Natalia Bielczyk

House Is Not Home: How My Travels Influenced My Thoughts About Life

This year, I invested in myself A LOT. Firstly, I finally took care of my mental health. Secondly, I took risks and invested a lot in my company. I first spent a month with my parents in Poland. Then, I went to Amsterdam for three months. Lastly, I traveled all the way to California for another two months. I was putting myself to the limits, learning about new cultures, testing new directions and target groups for my company, making new contacts, working hard and reinvesting everything I was making. And what’s the overall impact of all these actions on my life and well-being? Pretty weird.

Natalia In The Land of NFTs My Personal Journey Nonfungible Tokens

Natalia In The Land of NFTs. My Personal Journey and What I Learned So Far

I actually first learned about NFTs in December of 2017, when the Crypto Kitties came about and famously congested the Ethereum network right off the bat. I must admit that I ignored the topic back then. I guess I didn’t spot the potential, quite like the majority. But well, now that the field progressed and developed, I had all the reasons to take a closer look at it. And, in November 2021, I finally found courage to step into this jungle. Here is what I learned so far!