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How To Develop a Business as a Person Who Never Competes

How To Create a Business Development Strategy As a Person Who Never Competes

I never enjoyed watching sports. I just don’t get the concept of competing against another person of your own will. For my whole life, I was focused on personal development. At the same time, I was actively avoiding competing against others. It might be a weird thing to say for a person who owns a company. And yet, it’s true.

The Nosedive. How To Research The Job Market?

For my whole youth, I was spending most of my time reading books and going through thousands of textbook assignments. In the end, after twenty years of torturing myself with books, articles, and never-ending assignments, I realized that being an egghead doesn’t really prepare you for life in the real world. So, I made a 180-degree turn: I took a dive from the ivory tower straight to the street level.