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the longest journey

The Longest Journey: The Evolution of the Job Market in Times of AI

The sentiment around AI is mixed both in the society and among tech experts. ​Indeed, we are at a point of singularity where another species starts surpassing us in many of cognitive skills traditionally seen as uniquely human. So, what’s the future and is it even possible to make an educated guess? ​Is Universal Basic Income a utopia, or, is it inevitable?And most importantly, can we find Pascal’s wager? In other words, is there any strategy to better our chances in the job market that will benefit us regardless of which scenario pans out?

Tips and Tricks on Networking in San Francisco

If You Are Going To San Francisco… My 25 Tips and Tricks on Networking in the City

Every new environment is yet another chance, but also test for your networking skills. After coming to San Francisco, I soon realized that this was not yet just another city, but rather, a magic, layered place that unfolds like an onion — ugly on the outside, but beautiful on the inside. In this article, I list 22 networking lessons learned in the past two months spent in San Francisco. Overall, my personal strategy could be described in short as: everything, everywhere, all at once. An award-winning approach.

Tell Me What You Think About Gary Vee

Tell Me What You Think of Gary Vee And I Will Tell You Who You Are

Everyone who has anything to do with entrepreneurship or investing, must have seen Gary Vaynerchuk’s face at least once. It is everywhere in the media. People are so polarized on Gary! At some point, I figured that “What do you think of Gary Vee?” Is the chat-up line that tells me almost everything about the mentality of the person I am talking to. For a long time, I was on the fence trying to answer “the Gary Vee question” for myself. In the end, I decided to write this article — for education, and for my own peace of mind.

my personal approach to investing

My Personal Approach To Investing (As Of Today)

I recently had a few conversations with friends who couldn’t understand some of my investment decisions. They thought of me as a degen who either has way too much free time, or completely lost her marbles. Well, they might be right… But nevertheless, I decided to invest some time in thinking about my current personal investment strategy more in detail, and putting down my thoughts on paper. It is a rather unorthodox approach, so who knows — perhaps this read is also useful to you, whoever you are.

personal development when setting your own company

How Setting a Company Has Changed My Life, Personal Development Wise

There are moments when some event happens to you, and as little as it is, it suddenly makes you realize that your life has completely changed. Just like it was this Tuesday, on my way back to the Netherlands. And it came to my mind that the moment I set a company, was the very moment I won my life. And I am not talking about any external benefits such as my income or the freedom to set my own schedule. I am talking about all the gradual changes on the inside that leveraged my quality of life in the past two years.