Summary of 2014: What Happened?

December 26th, 2014


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  • In this post, I reflect on the concept of true passion and long for it while noting that they perceive a lack of passion in most Dutch people compared to individuals in Poland.
  • I discusses dropouts in my environment, highlighting the career paths of their college friends. So many talented and passionate individuals have transitioned to different fields or pursuits!
  • I contemplate the reasons behind friends dropping out of careers and conclude that deeper personal factors such as lack of self-care and not pursuing the dream may be at play.

Summary of 2014: What Is True Passion?

What is true passion? Is it a special kind of energy that makes you go on and on doing something for long hours with singing on your lips and never being present. Or causes the tendency to kill yourself once you cannot do what you love the most. A drug that keeps you from eating and sleeping, pissing on your loved ones? I don’t really know what it is, but I miss it. 

The truth is, the passionate and the non-passionate will never understand each other. And, most Dutch are not passionate. I realize this every time I cross the border with Poland. When I meet my friends. When I talk to random people on the train. They have that fire in their eyes.

Summary of 2014: How To Navigate Yourself In Life? On Dropouts In My Environment.

Yet another thing is that it is not easy for enthusiasts in life. Last weekend I talked to my friend from university. He will probably be my friend forever because, after more than ten years since we bumped into each other in college, we talk even better than at the beginning. Anyways, we summarized the balance of our mutual friends when it comes to their current state of mind and current careers.

It found that 90% of the people who came to college ten years ago as Olympians and local stars — the “golden children,” and people with a great future — are now freelancing, owning businesses, or doing something completely different, such as toys for children. 

Some are still in science and are doing great, but these are rather isolated cases because most of them just fell out of business. The most distressing cases are those when someone has fallen out although he or she (1) has great talent and is hardworking; (2) is passionate about their discipline; (3) Is not a nerd at all: he or she has a great sense of humor and can communicate with people.

Summary of 2014: Why Do People Drop Out From Their Careers?

Usually, the act of dropout is a combination of two factors. Firstly, “my wife wants financial stability.” I do not understand that approach at all. If you want financial stabilization, why don’t you put your ass together and work instead of wasting someone’s dreams? Secondly, “the system has destroyed me.” This approach I do not understand either. How can you give up so easily if you don’t even try to leave first and see what the system looks like elsewhere? 

And so I slowly begin to realize that the above two reasons are actually excuses, and the real reason is elsewhere, namely deeper.

The truth is that those who dropped out of science simply had 25 years of life energy, and then they fell to the level of mere mortals. And that’s it. They did not care about themselves and their spiritual hygiene, and their development in the broader sense. They did not play sports, they did not eat greens, and they did not care about surrounding themselves with a sufficient number of people similar to themselves. They did not dream enough. 

Thoughts are just efflorescences of the mind, which is the product of a biological organism. If this nourishing organism is not taken care of, the mind breaks down and the conscious part called thoughts goes with it.

Summary of 2014: The End of the Year Wrap Up.

Besides, the end of the year is the perfect time for a summary and New Year’s resolutions. When I think about it, it turns out that the year passed quickly because a lot was happening, not because of just nothing. 

First I lived in South America for two months. Then I traveled to Poland (6 times), Athens, Barcelona, USA, and the UK. I walked the 4daagse (4 x 50 km) and the Dodentocht (1 x 100 km). On this second occasion, for the first time in my life, I saw a crowd of fainting people at the finish line. I had my eights removed (it’s my second set, what an injustice!), after which I couldn’t speak for two weeks, and knocked out half a tooth on the front, after which I had to go to Warsaw to restore my looks. And I worked on my PhD a loooooot. And of course, I met a lot of new people.

Summary of 2014: The Progress in my PhD.

But most importantly, I finally made some progress in my PhD project. I remember walking around La Campana Park in Chile in February and trying hard to conceptualize the problem of causality in fMRI that I was struggling with. I knew so little back then that I had no idea how to bite it at all. 

Now I know that the problem is unsolvable with the methods that have been tried over the previous ten or fifteen years. On the one hand, it is a problem, but on the other hand, it is also an opportunity. Therefore, I am trying to solve the problem with a different, new method. 

This whole project is challenging, no shit. But at least, I already know what I’m doing. Unlike most people in this field who apply these causal discovery methods in their experiments and who will never have a clue that they are doing something wrong. And that’s how my march for fame began 😉

Summary of 2014: The Plans For The Year To Come.

However, fun should not be forgotten. And the greatest fun is when art is combined with tricks over the mind, as in the show by Derren Brown. As my sister and her husband are leaving Cambridge next year (most likely for San Francisco), I finally made a decision and decided to go to the show in June 2015 with them. It will be a good year.

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