A Visit To Argentina

A Visit To Argentina

I recently took another excursion to South America, and more specifically to Córdoba in Argentina. I got to know the Argentine culture a bit more. For example, I visited bars where cougars hunt for young boys, bars for gays with beards only, bars with everyday drag queen shows… Literally all kinds of unusual nightclubs. However, despite the variety of places I had a chance to visit, this whole trip was a bit sad. Namely, daily life is really inconvenient here.

How to get a dog natalia bielczyk

From a Parrot To a Dog

Magic, our family dog just has died. It was a dog, which my sister and I had been waiting for years and years, which appeared in our house thirteen years ago, “on trial period,” and it stayed. This is the story of all pets in our family and of how my sister and me eventually got our own dog. But let me tell you the whole story.

Working On My Physical Condition

On Those Who Gave Up On Their Dreams / Working On My Physical Condition

I am pleased to say that I am slowly breaking down the physical barriers in which I was stuck until recently. Before I had lost my job and my dream guy, I was a couch potato who worked out maybe an hour a week —- in a good week! Then I decided to become an athlete. I did work out every single day and a few months later, I stood at the top of Kilimanjaro. I also did a mountaineering course, and then consistently went for an jog almost every day. I also went for the famous 4-Daagse march, and to my own surprise, I was able to complete it with ease. And last weekend, three weeks after the event, I did a 100-km Death March known as Dodentocht, in Bornem, Belgium.

passage of time natalia bielczyk

Time Flies… On The Passage of Time

The sense of time… When you’re at a party and have a good time, time flies much faster. Maybe that’s my problem — I do what I enjoy in life, I have nice people around, I enjoy good weather, I’m in good shape, I don’t have any particular problems. And every time I look at my watch, I realize that a month or two has passed again, and I don’t even know when.