navigation on the job market


It seems to me that the whole Uber phenomenon is ephemeral as in a few years, cab drivers – especially here, in Sillicon Valley – will most probably be replaced by self-driving cars. However, it is interesting to observe this phenomenon from the psychological point of view.


The popular belief is that people who perceive themselves as successful and lucky, are those who just take opportunities – notice the money lying on the street and take it. Or, those who interpret some events as lucky whereas others would rather perceive the same events as unlucky. For instance, if you were stolen a wallet, and the wallet was retrieved with a credit card missing but all the documents in place, would you interpret this as misfortune or luck?

All these exams

I was studying extensively in Warsaw, where I was going through three Master programs at a time. Throughout my studies, I experienced a lot of less and more painful exams. Some were funny, some were nerve wrecking. I think the fact that I had such a long list of exams and qualifications to take, might play a positive role on the general stress resilience.