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the piano and paradox on authenticity

The Piano

Here is my definition of a talent:  When you are happy, you feel compelled to do it. When you are sad, you feel compelled to do it. That’s what writing is to me. 
It’s like playing piano. 
You can play energico — with energy, enthusiasm, and zest. Or, you can play grave — solemn and contemplative.
 Both beautiful. Today, I will play it grave.

House Doesn’t Mean Home How My Travels and Self-Development Experiments Influenced Me and My Thinking About Life Natalia Bielczyk

House Is Not Home: How My Travels Influenced My Thoughts About Life

This year, I invested in myself A LOT. Firstly, I finally took care of my mental health. Secondly, I took risks and invested a lot in my company. I first spent a month with my parents in Poland. Then, I went to Amsterdam for three months. Lastly, I traveled all the way to California for another two months. I was putting myself to the limits, learning about new cultures, testing new directions and target groups for my company, making new contacts, working hard and reinvesting everything I was making. And what’s the overall impact of all these actions on my life and well-being? Pretty weird.

My Curio Cards Meet CryptoKitties. On The History of Plasma Bears

My Curio Cards Meet Crypto Kitties. On The History of Plasma Bears

Despite the NFT boom of 2021-2022, most of these historical NFT projects stay under the radar by the crowd until this day. Perhaps, their times of greatness will come in the future, when the public becomes more educated about the history of digital assets on the blockchain. This article is dedicated to one of the most iconic NFT projects of the early days, known as Plasma Bears: from the unique origin, through its historical significance, to their value and as a collectible.

Startup Culture in Bay Area vs Startup Culture in Amsterdam

Startup Culture in Bay Area vs Startup Culture in Amsterdam

I spent the last few weeks in the Bay Area, also known as Silicon Valley. Despite being here for such a short time, I already discovered numerous fundamental (and often shocking!) differences between the startup culture in Amsterdam, where I spent three months earlier this year, and the Bay Area. In this article, I list the main 10 differences I’ve noticed so far – but I am quite convinced that there are dozens of others! Now, what is done differently here?

Tell Me What You Think About Gary Vee

Tell Me What You Think of Gary Vee And I Will Tell You Who You Are

Everyone who has anything to do with entrepreneurship or investing, must have seen Gary Vaynerchuk’s face at least once. It is everywhere in the media. People are so polarized on Gary! At some point, I figured that “What do you think of Gary Vee?” Is the chat-up line that tells me almost everything about the mentality of the person I am talking to. For a long time, I was on the fence trying to answer “the Gary Vee question” for myself. In the end, I decided to write this article — for education, and for my own peace of mind.

phantom boss

At the Rainbow’s End: On the Phantom Boss

A few days ago, I took an evening hike to Hunter’s Point at the end of the Rainbow Road in Cupertino, California. It was a beautiful evening. I sat down on the bench at the top of the hill and observed the whole Silicon Valley falling asleep in the distance. And yet, something didn’t let me fully enjoy the moment. It was a Sunday evening and something on my stomach was making me feel anxious and insecure about the upcoming week. What’s up, Nat? — I was asking myself. — You are a free person, so what’s your problem?

On Gravity and Gods of the Metaverse How To Date Online

On Gravity and Gods of the Metaverse: How To Date Online

How do people find their soulmates now in 2022? The vast majority of people you meet today are online. We work online, we socialize online. Even if you are sociable in real life (or, as they like to call it on social media, IRL), how many meetings can you effectively visit every month? A couple of them? How many people can you effectively talk to during every meetup? Five or ten? I decided to write this article because I painfully observe that lots of people — including many of my friends — don’t respect themselves at all when it comes to looking for a partner online. They lower their standards way too much and waste their precious time interacting with all the wrong people. Guys, it doesn’t need to be this way!

on being selfish

On Being Selfish

This Wednesday, I woke up with a twisted stomach and a fast heartbeat, and I asked myself, “Why doesn’t this monster finally leave me alone and let me go?” I went through cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy, SSRIs, meditation, sauna, vacations, socializing, self-care… Nothing works. Just nothing. It’s only getting worse and worse. And then, I found out why.

content creator against the world on creativity eternal struggle and the painful process of becoming a leader

Content Creator Against The World: On Creativity, Eternal Struggle, and The Painful Process of Becoming a Leader

I recently had a few conversations with friends who couldn’t understand some of my investment decisions. They thought of me as a degen who either has way too much free time, or completely lost her marbles. Well, they might be right… But nevertheless, I decided to invest some time in thinking about my current personal investment strategy more in detail, and putting down my thoughts on paper. It is a rather unorthodox approach, so who knows — perhaps this read is also useful to you, whoever you are.