A Visit To Argentina

A Visit To Argentina

I recently took another excursion to South America, and more specifically to Córdoba in Argentina. I got to know the Argentine culture a bit more. For example, I visited bars where cougars hunt for young boys, bars for gays with beards only, bars with everyday drag queen shows… Literally all kinds of unusual nightclubs. However, despite the variety of places I had a chance to visit, this whole trip was a bit sad. Namely, daily life is really inconvenient here.

non-verbal communication in the Netherlands

Gaze or Timbre? On Non-verbal Communication in the Netherlands

In Polish culture, persistently staring at someone is seen as rude, pretentious and may be considered a taunt. While in the Netherlands, it has a completely different meaning. Admittedly, the locals here have mastered the use of their eyes as an exchange of information. The Dutch, flirting with each other, do not use any compliments or other verbal signals, do not turn red on their faces, do not use any specific facial expressions. They talk as usual. The only difference is that they look at each other in a different way.